Tasks Edit

This is the list of tasks given by Chipper via the Walkie-Talkie.

  1. Why don't you try finding a tree and chomping it down!
  1. After you gather a bit more, bring it back to me and I'll make lumber for you!
    • Return to Chipper: Welcome back, kiddo!  If you'll bring me the wood that you gather, then I'll make it into lumber for you!
  1. Why don't you try planting a tree now!  Find some soil and plant an acorn!  You have an unlimited supply!
  1. Enough with the spoon-feeding!  You're a big boy; go explore for a while!  See what you can find!
  1. Some of the inhabitants offer mini-games for you to play!  Show me your skills at one of them!
  1. The other critters around here will give you items of all sorts!  Go talk to them and gather ten items from them!
  1. You may have already done this, but I'd like to see you build a Lumberbot 1.0!
  1. Good, but that's still kid stuff.  Let's see you build a Lumberbot 2.0!
  1. There is one more test of your skills as a novice woodmaker; the Lumber Bot 3.0!  Come see me if you don't have the plans!
  2. Great work!  Now go gather supplies!  Try your best, and I'll give you something to help out!
    • Recieve Hippo Jar
  3. Keep it up!  I'd like to see you build a nice totem pole, but not yet.  Get more items and I'll give you another piece.
    • Recieve Wooden Chick
  4. Keep gathering materials, you never know when they will be needed!
  5. Ok, time to get serious!  Make me a Fancy Totem with the materials you have!  If you're missing anything you'll have to go find it!