In a world where whenever the name "Scott Cawthon" is mentioned Five Nights at Freddy's is the first thing thought of, I would like to talk about Scott's earlier games. Now, you may believe that some of these statements are incorrect, or disagree entirely. If this is the case, don't get angry. Simply comment below the reason why you disagree with my statements that you are currently reading.


-Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.

I'd like to start off by saying that CaSLC is not as bad as people say it is. I truly believe that the characters are not creepy (except for The Mushroom, who is meant to be creepy). In fact, people seem to say that the LumberBots are like creepy animatronic animals, when in reality that's true! The LumberBots are animatronic animals, designed by Chipper in such a way to make them seem like scary Chuck E Cheese characters! I myself have never been to Chuck E Cheese's, but from the images I've seen they look creepier than any of the LumberBots combined!

Now, of course, I would like to say that there seems to be a hidden backstory to the game which seems to be revealed in some way by the Frog's Quest, and I would like to tell you a short theory about it:

The character you play as is Earl (in case you didn't know, Earl is the mysterious character who apparently "Fell off his tree" and drowned (sometimes you can see a rare screen of him jumping over the water)). He is talked about by the two frogs in the swamp area. Earl's mission is to reveal to all of his past friends that he is still with that in ghost form by bringing certain food items to them. The purple frog already knows he is there (he is the frog on the bottom of the screen in the swamp who claims that if "you watch the water, sometimes you can see Earl.") and recognizes his existence without the need of a food item. Once you finish the Frog's Quest you will be rewarded with a small statue of Earl as a "thank you" for guiding Earl.

Sit 'n Survive

I feel that this game is an extremely underrated fun, addicting game that is good fun to play when bored. There seems to be no bugs whatsoever and keeps you entertained for lengths of time. Now, there's not too much I can say for this game, as it is not as complex as CaSLC, but it's still fun and I would recommend it!

8-Bit RPG Creator

This game puts the creativity of Scott into the player's hands. It allows you to customize your own characters, paint levels and create whole RPG adventures for your friends to try out! Although it is enjoyable it does have a lot of room for improvement and I think after FNaF is finished Scott could make an update for the game.

There Is No Pause Button

As the title describes the game consists around the fact that there is no way to stop the game so you are forced to keep going until you run out of lives of quit. Like Sit 'n Survive TINPB is a fun, time consuming game to keep you awake on the bus or when you're waiting for that thing to download. It has tons of levels and a fast pace to get your mind working and concentrating on the difficult task of jumping and dodging attacks all while trying to remember what that thing was that killed you on the next stage of the level. Like most of Scott's games it's free.

Well, that's over. I'm off to drink some stereotypical tea and eat some stereotypical crumpets.

But in all seriousness, Scott's old games deserve more attention. So if you, the odd reader see this, spread the word: "Scott's old games aren't bad".